Dermakléb - For Face and Body

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Anti-aging range that regenerates, protects and prevents

Dermakléb is an extensive face and body range. It is the exclusive cosmeceutical line designed by Jean-Klébert that, thanks to powerful antioxidants and sunscreens, neutralizes the aggression of free radicals responsible for the reactions that alter the skin. 

Mandelic acid and Glycolic acid, have the ability to intervene in a targeted way on the face, stimulating the regeneration of the stratum corneum for a truly renewed and visibly younger skin.

The association of Vitamins E and C and phytic acid  improves the skin's natural defenses, regenerating it from within. The sunscreen protects it from oxidation stress generated by UVA rays.

Dermakléb body is a range of products with a very high concentration of active ingredients able to transform fat into tonicity for a natural recovery of cellulite tissues.

Drop by Bem Estar's clinic to discover more about how this range is the perfect solution to prevent skin aging and renew the skin by correcting the damage.

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