Prevention is the best anti-aging treatment!

We believe you should never trust a clinic if they do not offer a thorough analysis of your skin before you start your treatment.

Our skin is our biggest organ, it protects us everyday and we believe in treating it with the care and respect it deserves. Our skin analysis includes looking at its properties and current condition. We will advise you on the right treatments only, but, of course, we also take into account what your desired outcome is. Together we will find the right solution, so you can trust in us to have your best interests at heart.

Design your own facial package! Let our technicians examine your skin and provide you with a personalized facial package, including a 10% discount!

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We offer the following treatments:

Deep Facial Clean- 1 hour – All skin types. Clean, steam, extraction, high frequency and mask.

Flash Bem Estar Facial- 30 mins – Normal to Dry skin. Clean, scrub, ultrasound with serum and mask.

Diamond Peeling- 1 hour – All skin types

Micro Needling (including roller needling)- 1 hour – All skin types. Clean, fruit peeling, micro needling, radio frequency and mask.

Transdermal Application (TDA) Oxygen Therapy- 30 mins – All skin types. Clean, scrub, fruit peeling and TDA Oxygen. Kinds of ampuls: Hyal N5, Hyal N10, Mitocell, Proderm, Canaboost.

Intense pulsed light (IPL)- From 15 min – All skin types. Ideal for acne, rejuvenation, pigmentation, coupe-rose and rosacea.

Chemical Peeling Level I- 30 mins – Ideal for an unbalanced skin.

Chemical Peeling Level II- 30 mins – Ideal for pigmentation, acne and anti-aging.

Chemical Peeling Level III- 30 mins – Ideal to renovate the skin, stimulate collagen production, close the pore and pigmentation and scars.

Bem Estar Special- 90 mins - Deep Facial Clean and 30 min back massage. 

Bem Estar Luxe- 90 mins – All skin types. Clean, steam, extraction, diamond peeling, TDA Oxygen therapy and Radio Frequency.

Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced in all treatments. All treatments begin with a skin analysis consultation to assess the current condition of your skin.