A skin analysis that goes more than skin deep

If you have a broken leg, you would expect the doctor to look at an X-ray before treating you right? The same is true for any facial treatment. No aesthetician worth their salt should treat your skin without a full skin analysis. Most professional clinics make use of a magnifying lamp or ‘Mag Lamp’ or ‘Loupe’. It allows the aesthetician to see your skin in more detail, including all the things that are covered up by make-up or are too small for the naked eye to see.

However, even with the Mag Lamp, it cannot go deeper than the skin’s surface. Unfortunately, most skin conditions that develop over time originate from much deeper skin layers than a Mag Lamp can see. That is why you need to choose a professional clinic like Bem Estar that uses technology called the Observ 520.

The Observ 520 is a safe and incredibly clever piece of facial analysis technology. Using skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technology, it can expose deep layered conditions so that your Bem Estar aesthetician can more accurately and instantly reveal to you the true condition of your skin.  

From sun damage, vascular conditions, acne, structural loss and many other conditions, an aesthetician using the Observ 520 has the upper-hand on those who don’t. And what’s more, rather than just being told what is wrong with your skin, you can see it for yourself in the visualization images that it creates.

In just a few minutes, Bem Estar can now create a truly personalized treatment program for you. And regular updates through the Observ 520 will help you see the true results of your treatment program. You won’t just feel like you skin is improving, you will know your skin is improving deep down too.

So, book your skin analysis today and be prepared to deep dive into your skin and see amazing results!