Discover the revolutionary new line of professional cosmetics at Bem Estar

Bem Estar is proud to introduce a new line of professional cosmetics – BM Glycolic Plus. Combining both Glycolic Acid and Ubiquinone, this amazing new range is more powerful than regular cosmetics. Glycolic Acid supports blackhead reduction, its powerful action reopens the follicular channels and prevents acne. Ubiquinone is an antioxidant that reduces redness in the skin whilst improving overall skin tone. Its benefits also include hiding skin spots and blemishes whilst reducing wrinkles too. BM Glycolic products are cosmeceutical, meaning their unique formation results in skin with self-improving capabilities.

Our BM Glycolic Plus range includes:

Facial Cream – An ultra-active emulsion offering protection from premature aging.

Vit A Facial Lotion – Ultra-active lotion combining protection from premature aging whilst rebalancing and normalizing oily skin.

Illuminating Serum – This serum prevents skin spots thanks to the presence of stabilized Vitamin C, Octadecenedial Acid, and Solar Filters. This combination also evens your skin color.

Facial Lotion – See and feel a reduction of pore dilation and excessive skin greasiness. A favorite with our male clientele.

Hand and Body Cream – This ultra-active emulsion protects from premature aging for both the body and hands.

Eye Cream – Reduces the depth of thin lines and eye contour wrinkles.

Face & Body Scrub – Removes dead skin cells gently and effectively.

Facial Cleanser – Eliminates impurities, excessive greasiness, and make-up.

Hand Cream – This ultra-active emulsion offers protection from premature aging.