Never leave home without your sunscreen

If you think using a sunscreen is only about protecting yourself from getting burnt then THINK AGAIN! There are numerous reasons why you should wear a sunscreen daily, or at least a face cream with bot UVA and UVB filters. First and foremost, with skin cancer rates on the rise, sunscreen has been clinically proven to help prevent the development of skin cancer. Furthermore, it also reduces the appearance of brown spots, blotches, skin discolouration, facial vein distruction (like, rosacea). Finally, a good sunscreen also slows down the signs of premature aging. Make the Prevention Collection hydrator your essential final step in your daily skincare routine. This mineral-based SPF 30 moisturizer contains a unique form of zinc oxide that absorbs quickly into the skin, delivering broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, lasting hydration and antioxidant defense without a white cast or residue. It’s free of parabens and perfect for dry, redness-prone and sensitive skin.