The Top 5 Essential Waxing Tips – for less pain and better results!

Why suffer in pain for poor results when you don’t have to? Read Bem Estar’s top 5 essential waxing tips!

1. Before waxing let your hair grow to one-quarter of an inch and, if necessary, do ask for a trim
One-quarter of an inch is the perfect length to get waxed. Any shorter and it won’t get pulled from the root, and if it’s longer you’ll be pulling at the hair without properly removing it. This can be painful so if you need a trim please ask for it.

2. Use exfoliating scrub on the areas you’ll be waxing before you start
Getting rid of dead skin layers through exfoliating not only helps to smooth the skin to be waxed, it also allows any trapped hair to be freed. This means that there is less risk of ingrowing hairs, but also a much better result at the end of the treatment as hairs can be pulled from the roots during waxing.

3. Getting waxed before periods? Maybe better to wait!
From around five days before your period until the end of your period, you will be very sensitive and will have a low pain tolerance. It’s advisable to avoid waxing during this time. However, sometimes (in cases of emergencies), you may still need a wax! The best thing to do is double check with your waxing professional if they mind. Three to four days after a period is the perfect time to wax as a woman’s pain tolerance is at its highest at this stage.

4. Post-wax care for 24 hours: avoid tight clothing, direct sun exposure, and scented lotion
All these factors can cause irritation so it’s best to avoid them as freshly waxed skin is more likely to burn and have a reaction to chemicals. For example, body lotion containing alpha hydroxyl acid can burn and cause tingling, whereas direct exposure to the sun or a tanning bed can lead to irritation. The best product you can use is a natural oil-based product, possibly also containing Aloe Vera or Calendula.

5. Once you’ve started waxing, stop shaving.
Shaving makes your hair grow densely and unevenly so the first wax won’t be perfect. But after around four consecutive waxes the hair should be growing at an equal rate and the process should be less painful as well. It’s important to not shave after you’ve waxed to prevent hair from growing densely. You’ll see the best results through committing to a waxing routine.