What is Permanent Make-Up and it is for you?

Tired of applying makeup every day? Painting eyebrows, eyeliner, lip-liner?

We have a solution for this problem called Permanent Makeup.

 What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is applying natural pigments under the dermal layer of the skin. An experienced and trained Bem Estar beautician will draw natural lines that realistically resemble hair to create beautiful eyebrows or other lines that compliment your eyes and lips.

The procedure is totally safe and medically approved. Many women choose to do this procedure as the techniques are constantly improving and the convenience of not having to constantly apply makeup is highly appealing.

Permanent makeup should be in harmony with the natural features of the face, so you must carefully match the color, hue, and intensity of pigment. Immediately after the procedure, the pigment in the skin is darker, and after a few days it’ll fade by about 40-50%, so the look becomes the desired tone and more natural.

When you choose permanent makeup, you must find the best technician who understands your needs, has a good and trained eye for symmetry and can properly advise you. This person should also have completed the correct training concerning specific modern techniques and be able to advise you individually. Bem Estar can help you with this.

At Bem Estar our goal is to help you find the perfect balance with the look that you desire and best suits you. Using the innovative hair stroke, microblading and 3Dmethods, we can create very realistic eyebrows, not lines but individual hairs so it will look totally natural and you will feel your best knowing that your makeup is all taken care of.

Even on a bad day – you will look great.

Bem Estar’s beauticians are fully trained, professional and experienced. You can be assured of a truly professional service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Please ask us for more information on permanent makeup treatments at Bem Estar.