Beautiful skin is not a question of age with SEYO TDA Anti-Ageing Treatment

Beautiful skin is not a question of age. TDA stands for Transdermal Application and describes a new technique for intensive, deep skin therapy. It is the first dermatological aesthetic therapy that effectively transports active anti-aging ingredients even into the deepest skin layer without needles. SEYO TDA allows for lasting treatment with special products for almost any skin type.

The treatment begins after a facial cleansing with the SEYO CEll dermabrasion. During this process, dead skin cells are removed gently and efficiently. The SEYO CEll dermabrasion supports the uptake of TDA active ingredients (e.g. hyaluronic complexes) and activates collagen-forming cells. SEYO CEll prepares the skin for the TDA deep treatment, this is tightly targeted at various skin layers. The TDA applicator is guided at a certain distance over skin regions that are to be treated.

The device displays the progress of treatment and signals when it is time to switch to other areas of the face. SEYO TDA works without direct skin contact and produces a light, pleasantly cool massaging pressure on the surface of the skin. SEYO facial masks are a relaxing end of treatment as they refresh and calm the skin leaving behind the feeling of intensively nourished skin.

SEYO fundamentally readjusts the skin. Skin regenerates itself from the inside and regains its natural tautness.

Regular TDA treatments create deposits in the deepest skin layers, these encourage cell division permanently and ensure sustainably improved skin appearance. A tightening of the natural structures of the skin can be seen, and the depth of wrinkles is reduced. At the same time, TDA reduces gravitational wrinkles and the skin gains freshness and vitality.

SEYO TDA is the result of comprehensive research and development and is at present the only regenerative, non-invasive form of therapy that makes it possible to nourish deep skin layers to their maximum. SEYO TDA is a quantum leap on the way to dermatological-cosmetic perfection.

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