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'Bem Estar' means 'well-being' in Portuguese and that is the foundation of our mission: quality care, quality products and quality techniques that all come together to mean you have a wonderful sense of well-being when you leave our clinic.

Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, we help your stress melt away, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and revitalized; ready to take on the world again.

Our team of highly qualified, experienced technicians are focused on making sure your skin receives the highest quality standard of care possible. We are an international team, with a variety of expertise and we speak a number of different languages.

We are also a socially conscious team. Conscious of the world we live in and conscious of protecting our environment for future generations. We only work with products that match our conscientious care for the preservation of our environment and the animals who share it with us.


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Skin Conditions

From acne scars, to pigmentation, rosacea and vascular lesions right through to keratosis and even removing tattoos, our collection of Harmony Laser Technologies and deliver fast, long-lasting results.


Laser Hair Removal

Fed up of shaving every day or booking regular wax treatments? Why not solve the problem once and for all with laser hair removal? Virtually pain-free, fast and permanent results.


Facials & Rejuvenation

Look your absolute best with our amazing list of luxurious facials or try HIFU LAB or our laser skin rejuvenation treatments to rid yourself of saggy skin, droopy draws, and floppy flaps!


Wax Hair Removal

From Brazilian, to bikini, back, legs, armpits and more! An effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time and the results last for up to 4 weeks.


For Men

Skin care and hair removal just for men! We love taking care of our male clients, from rich, anti-aging facials to hair removal and lots more.


Take a load off and have some ‘me time’ instead. We believe in the well-being of the body and the mind, our treatments are performed by experienced professionals.